Spring Creek Underpass

Project Description

This project involved installing 630-lf of 9’x5’ Concrete Box Culvert to replace an existing 60-inch corrugated steel pipe that was undersized and past its service life through downtown Steamboat Springs. The Project included crossing under a major fiber opticbank located in US Highway 40 while maintaining traffic flow through the City The project was a joint venture between a private developer and the City of Steamboat Springs and resulted in significantly reducing the Spring Creek Floodplain regulatory extents.

The project also included a floodplain and pedestrian improvements project that included constructing a pedestrian underpass under Fish Creek Falls road and a pedestrian bridge across Spring Creek linking the underpass to the Old Town Hot Springs Tennis Courts. It also included modifying the Spring Creek channel to contain the flooding from a 100-year storm event within the newly installed Riverwalk Development Box Culvert. The project involved filing CLOMR and LOMR applications with FEMA and obtaining Army Corps of Engineers approval. Funding of the project included a collaborative effort between the City of Steamboat Springs, the Old Town Hot Springs, and the Riverwalk Development. Landmark’s relationship with the City, the Old Town Hot Springs and the private Riverwalk developer helped to facilitate this unique private/public partnership.

Project Details

Client: City of Steamboat Springs

Contractor: Connell Resources, Inc.

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