Entitlement Support
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Entitlement Support

Entitlements is the legal method of obtaining approvals for the right to develop property for a particular use. The entitlement process is complicated, time consuming and can be costly, but to know what can be done with a piece of property is vital to determining the real estate feasibility of your project. Having an experienced development team consisting of Landmark Consultants, Inc., land planners, architects, land use attorneys, soil and structural engineers at the onset to help you analyze, review, interpret and advise you regarding design studies, applicable zoning and code requirements, and maximum development potential of the property. We have built relationships with local government staff which streamline and help to expedite your approval process. Our experienced team will help negotiate issues on your behalf and manage requests by the local jurisdiction to avoid delays in obtaining your approvals.

Our services include the following entitlements

  • Annexations
  • Conceptual Development Plans
  • Concept Reviews
  • Easement Vacations
  • Improvement Agreements
  • Conditional Uses
  • Development Plans
  • Preliminary Plats
  • Final Plats
  • Floodplain Development Permits
  • PUD Overlays
  • Zoning Map Amendments
  • Lot Line Adjustments and Eliminations
  • Land Preservation Subdivisions (LPS)
  • Non-Project Uses (FERC)

In the planning and design phase of each project we integrate our extensive knowledge of the needs and concerns of the community into our planning, design, and execution. This relationship ultimately creates a structure to mitigate potential conflicts and fully integrate the project into the fabric of the community.

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